John is arrested for organising mass disobedience of visa regulations at every international airport. Forensic probes into John’s memoirs discovered how John developed the vision of moving across all boundaries.

Many voices, pictures and videos are extracted from John’s memory – conscious, sub-conscious, even unconscious. Investigators weren’t sure whether or not the events, recorded in John’s memory did really happen.

Apparently, young John started following all rules and regulations of his society and his country; he was oblivious about the world beyond. His goals were to get a good job, a good wife and a happy married life thereafter. He got a good degree and a good job. Parents got him married to a suitable girl – Deanna.
Deanna had friends in many men and women, for whom she would do anything, often taking advantage of her marital status and John’s time and resources. Often she made herself sexually available to friends while she hated John’s proximity. She remained married primarily for his resources and protection. John couldn’t afford the legal battle for divorce. He tried to get jobs at remote cities, but that did not help. Either Deanna lived with her parents or her relatives crowded John’s place.

Desperate John planned to leave the country for a better life elsewhere in the world; Deanna tried hard to dissuade John who was determined to try his luck across country boundaries, even without Deanna. Deanna and her parents could read John’s mind and she consented to leave the country with John.

Situations were marginally better in the new country; Deanna never treated John as her beloved husband. John looked around and found that he was not alone; most persons have never loved their spouses, but enjoyed their marital status. John developed a vision for having one big family in the entire world, so that no person is exploited by the legal spouse – Know No Country Boundaries – Know No Family Boundaries.